Cherokee Arts Center

212 S. Water Street Tahlequah, OK 74464

Workshop Space

The Art Center workshop space includes the following.

  • Fully equipped metal smith workshop to create metal and shell jewelry. 
  • Fully equipped pottery workshop to create pottery. Wheels, forms, kilns, slab roller.
  • Fully equipped loom weaving equipment space.

Metalsmith Workshop

This room consists of individual work tables to accommodate 19 students, chairs, and equipment stations used to make silver and copper jewelry as well as shell carvings. 


  • $20 a day if an individual is using the welding, soldering, gas, etc. equipment
  • $10 a day for all other uses
  • $20 for a scheduled class to use the room and all equipment per day

Pottery Workshop

This room consists of workbenches that accommodate 9 students, instructors table, lots of storage, cabinets and under counter storage, a white board for illustrations, slab roller available for different projects, state of the art-digital and computerized kilns, pottery wheels, and drying cabinets. The drying cabinets are a safe place for storing pottery before it is fired. There is also small pottery tools, hand building tools and forms, and canvas covered boards to keep the clay from sticking to the tables. 


  • $20 per Kiln firing per kiln
  • $10 a day for an individual to use the pottery room and tools
  • $20 for a scheduled class to use the room, and all tools per day. This fee includes a one time use of one Kiln.

Loom Weaving

When you walk into the Loom Weaving room the first thing you will notice is the 70+ year-old antique loom. There are an additional 6 tabletop looms for students. Students will be taught the basic fundamentals of loom weaving and will learn the history of the loom and how to thread it.


  • $10 per day to use the room

Multi-purpose room

This room can be set up in a variety of configurations. There is a large dry erase board for instruction and tables and chairs set up according to need. This room has been used for luncheons, meeting spaces, and artistic uses such as drawing, painting, moccasin making, beadwork, baskets, etc.


  • $10 per day to use the room


  • Waiver of Liability and W-90001
    This waiver is required by participants that are engaged in any participant activities at the Cherokee Art Center.